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MicroBlue Digital & 
trinocular head

BioBlue EVO

In light of the excellent market response to the CMEX cameras and the MicroBlue microscope, Euromex developed the Microblue Digital series

Euromex top seller BioBlue got an upgrade! A range of BioBlue EVOs are now available, offering Köhler illumination and 20 mm F.N. eyepieces

MicroBlue Digital series

The digital trend is taking its course in the microscopy world. Nowadays users prefer to view the microscopic image on a screen, take pictures of it and store it. To make this possible for our MicroBlue series we have now added three models with a trinocular head so users can mount any Euromex camera on it. There are also three models with a built-in 1.3MP camera for more convenience. Users only have to plug the USB into the computer, install the software and they are ready to go

MB.digital_Bobject MB.trino_B2_2

With built-in 1.3 MP digital camera

With trinocular head

• Ideal for hobbyists and education 
• 1/3” sensor, 1280 x 1024 pixels resolution 
• Including the powerful ImageFocus 4 image analysis & measurement software 
• Available in three configurations

• Accepts all Euromex cameras (not included with microscope)
• Universal 23.2 mm photo port for maximal flexibility
• Available in three configurations


BioBlue EVO series

The BioBlue microscopes are popular, widely used in education and are becoming increasingly more popular in the laboratory market segment. Many veterinarians and researchers use these microscopes, because they are attractively priced, have rechargeable batteries for field work, and are easy to handle and operate

Different applications in market segments require different microscope configurations; even small changes can make a big difference. Euromex therefore now offers the BioBlue EVO series, equipped with lager F.N. eyepieces and Köhler illumination

BB.EVO_collage_7 KoYhler_condenser

HWF 10x/20 mm eyepieces

Köhler illumination

The higher the field number of the eyepiece that is used with a particular objective, the larger the field of view and the more of the specimen that can be seen through the microscope. A larger field of view is often preferred by scientists
The advantage of Köhler illumination is that it generates an even more uniform 
illumination of the sample. It eliminates all interferences from dust on lenses and 
side glare of the light source and it ensures the highest possible contrast and the 
maximum achievable resolving power

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